Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Tale of Two Genders and Age of Inequality (*)

A Tale of Two Genders and Age of Inequality

“One percent of our world’s population owns half of the world’s wealth. The wealth of this one percent amounts to $110 trillion which is 65 times the total wealth of the bottom half of the world’s population. Seven out of ten people in our world live in countries where economic inequality has increased, often drastically, in the last 30 years. Should this massive concentration of economic resources in the hands of the few concern us at all?” (The Age of Inequality)

Women are somehow used to inequality based on gender models decided by just one of the gender and never really agreed by the other one on which the inequality was imposed “by natural differences between sexes”. There is nothing natural in any kind of inequality, it is social construct created by people and it can and should be deconstructed by the people for the benefit of all.

We are living the age of the worst kind of  feminization of the planet widening the gap of inequality in post global époque with very few having almost everything and huge majority of population having almost nothing, living the imposed model and social construct imposed by very few. It is not sustainable, just like it was not sustainable for women to live without any kind of rights for thousands of years but it lasted, nevertheless.

Shall we allow the age of huge inequality to last that long? Can we understand that inequality is not of right, left or centrist ideology, democracy or dictatorship but of being inhuman to our own societies?

What should be the role of women of XXI century to achieve the goal of less inequality for all?

It is a brand new chapter in tale of two genders wherever we might live on the planet, it should be a chapter of dialogue between man and women about shared responsibility for the process through which we should create more balanced, sustainable societies with less people at the bottom and more people on the top and most people somewhere in between, with world wealth not redistributed but in sustainable way used for the benefit of most of the people.

We need more women as decision makers in economy, politics, culture, finances, sport, everywhere not just because they are females, but because of their different approach to inequality, because of the narrative of the gender that was the narrative of inequality from the beginning of human kind.
Inequality is not just about the poverty, it is much more about the access and chances, about mechanisms with which anyone, born anywhere can change the game in which losers and winners are written and decided in advance.

We need more women in everyplace where there is any kind of decision making process that make an impact on everyday life of millions of people, we need a dialogue through which women should be listened and treated equal.

We need more woman entrepreneurs having the same access to all kind of recourses as men have, we need more women in financial sector to reverse the process of worlds virtual money creating real debts to business and states enlarging the inequality instead boosting the growth and progress.

Financial and economic power is irreversibly global, political power looks irreversibly local and that created the age of non-controlled finance system in which states and societies serve the purpose by increasing the wealth of those who are already wealthy. Whole states are now in the same social position as women used to be till the XX century, they are there to obey and to be submitted to the rules they cannot make and cannot change.

That should be the role for women, to make the rules and to change the rules, because that is how they already won the first chapter of a tale of two genders at the beginning of XX century for the better. The same recipe for cooking the better world should be used once more.

The world of XXI century is in a need of new paradigm and that new paradigm cannot be created without the women.


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